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strange occurance, corrupt bios?

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  • strange occurance, corrupt bios?

    I had was forced to reset the cmos on my HTPC yesterday (Failed memory settings on PC8500 ram)

    MSI P35 Neo2-FR and E5400 R0 (VT-x revision) normally sits at 3.6Ghz (13.5 x 2.66 @ 1.2875v) with no issues previously been thoroughly stress tested

    After it was reset I could not reload the overclock i had saved in the bios.

    The overclock kept failing and the only way I could get it boot was to up the voltage to 1.365v which imho is too high.

    Sio I swapped it over for my PDC E6300 from another of my systems and set everything at default. (10.5 x 266 @ 1.2875v for 2.8Ghz) this chip normally, and has in this board, run at 10.5x333 @ 1.2875v but the highest it would run at is 10.5x333

    So I set it back to stock and replaced the E5400 back in the motherboard.

    This is now running back at 13.5 x 2.66 @ 1.2875v and is stable

    So I am beginning to think maybe the bios has an issue somewhere?

    any thoughts?
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    Wierd stuff.

    Have you tried some different memory?

    Guess it could also be signs of the board failing.

    You could also try flashing the BIOS, though if it is dying this may not be very successful.
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      Simon's summed it up nicely. I assume you were already on the latest BIOS, in which case it might be difficult to reflash it - some boards just refuse to do the same version again. What settings did you change with your RAM to make it fail, or did it just boot up with an error message saying soemthing to do with the RAM settings?

      Another weird possibility is it could be the CMOS battery - I've had one board do some really weird stuff - started with the clock going horribly wrong in Windows, then failed POSTs with lots of errors which didn't show any correlation, and turned out to be a duff battery...
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