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PSU/Motherboard problem

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  • PSU/Motherboard problem

    I have a little spark from the power supply unit and this resulted in the PSU becoming faulty and having replaced this, the PSU now works. When I switched on, the only thing that works is the fan, which means the power gets into the motherboard but there is no beep, and nothing shows on the screen. What is or are the problem(s)?

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    check the ram?


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      [quote:d9cbafa5bd=\"dittohead\"]check the ram?[/quote:d9cbafa5bd]

      Actually I removed and replaced stick in the empty slot, it does not work. the only thing I have not done is changing it. Do I need to change it completely. Can the CPU be faulty?


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        PSU failures usually kill other things I am sorry to say, and without knowing what killed the PSU originally... =/

        I would suspect a dead motherboard, as if the CPU isnt working correctly the motherboard should beep an error code.
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          Please post the full specifications of your computer.

          Are you using Onboard Graphics or a seperate Graphics Card?

          Please double check you have every power socket connected.

          The more we know the better advice we can offer 8)