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Ethernet Adapter Cycling From Unplugged To Identify

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  • Ethernet Adapter Cycling From Unplugged To Identify


    This morning my ethernet connection was working fine, i then had to unplug the ethernet cable because wires were tangled and then i simply replugged it back in. Since then Ive not maanged to get internet connection, on the network connections it cycles from being unplugged to identifying.


    1. I tested the cable on my laptop and the cable connects to the internet fine.
    2. Restarted


    OS: Windows 10:

    Motherboard: MSI Z97A GAMING 7 (MS-7916) O.E.M. 1.0
    Qualcomm Atheros network Controlle

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    Try setting the IP details statically (rather than dhcp).
    Failing that, go into Adapter Settings and disable/enable the ethernet adapter.
    If that fails, then actually delete the network adapter and reboot - windows will find it and re-initialise everything on boot up.

    /edit: also tidied up the duplicate threads
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      Restarted the modem/router too?
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        After rebooting the router, if you still don't have access try this: Open command prompt with admin and type: ipconfig /renew and press enter.

        If this doesn't work, then type ipconfig and copy and paste the results.
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