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Abit UL8 Mobo. Sound crackling.

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  • Abit UL8 Mobo. Sound crackling.

    wondering if anyone can help , ive been trying for the past day and a half to get my onboard sound working again on my motherboard but to no avail.

    basically all i get is some crackling when there is a really loud noise and if i turn the sound up far enough i can get some extremely quit sound + REALLY loud crackling.. ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, checking bios setting s for the onboard sound and even trying different speakers just incase mine were busted.

    dont know what else to do since this goes a bit beyond my technical know.

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    What make/model motherboard is it?
    Has the on board sound ever worked?
    Are the speakers known to be good?
    Have you tried another set of speakers with it, that you know work?
    Are the cables good/tried other cables you know work?

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      Motherboard is an Abit UL8 Socket 939 motherboard

      onboard sound worked absolutely fine until 2 days ago when i left my pc off overnight ( which i dont usually do ) then when i put it back on sound = messed up.

      my speakers work perfectly, work fine on my other comps and with my GFs ipod, trid with a working set from another computer too wich also didnt work with the motherboard.

      everything is perfect except the sound from the motherboard and i have no idea what caused it.

      i only got it about 2 months ago from aria and its been working fine until now.


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        well. just tried all of that and still nothing at all...anyone else have any ideas?


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          Also check to see if theres an update for your drivers on your mobo's website, and also the chipset....

          Ive had problems with onboard sound, but mine have all been temperature related... ops:


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            ive checked all of that...but something else is happening now..and it sounds really wierd it possible for a hard drive to interfere with onboard sound?