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    hey guys i got a core2duo e6300 with 2gb 667 memory, so bought a nf650islit-a motherborad from aria and now just got a 8600 gts gfx but wen iever i try to overclock the cpu it just either wont start at all happens 99% of time even if i jus increase by 1 lol, but if i increase voltage from the started to get that 1 increase it tends to be reali slow any one know why this is

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    [Removed at the request of the author]


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      hey sorry about that, just done a text and still was in text talk mode lol, well here it is

      and well yer if i go in to the bios go to change the fsb which is in this quad mode style even if i over clock it about 10mhz to make my e6300 1.9 it dosent even start up, so i have to take battery out on board reset it and off i go again, on my old mobo which was a shitter ecs one i got it up to 2.1 i think with out probs, had different way of overclocking on that one but still it worked.


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        Nope, still unintelligible :twisted:
        I'd avoid anything ECS like the plague - still have bad memories of ECS/PCChips motherboards form the P1 days. They were pants then and probably still are now.


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          [Removed at the request of the author]


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            Sounds like one of these things:

            Your PSU is crap
            Your motherboard and voltage regulators are crap
            Your memory is crap
            ECS is crap

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