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    Hi first post didn't know aria had a forum. ops:

    Anyways just wondering how many of you have Asrock motherboards.

    I bought myself one the Asrock S939 SLi-eSATAII a few weeks back & very suprised how good this motherboard is considering it only cost 45 even moreso after I volt modded it 8) 8).

    It overclocks great and as of yet not cause me any problems, christ im even thinking about selling my DFI UT SLI-D & sticking with this till Conroe comes out.

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    I use them for all of my system builds. they are stable, cheap and simple to set up. Have used at least 20 and none have come back!


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      Isnt Asrock a 'cheap' brand of owned by asus ?

      I always use asus - stable and has many utilities on their site

      Even if the site is a bit slow to download sometimes..

      Will remember asrock if i need a budget sys


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        [quote:045c171f15=\"matt_2k34\"]Isnt Asrock a 'cheap' brand of owned by asus ?

        Yeap , Asus wanted a slice of the 'Cheaper end' of the Market.

        Asrocks are very good boards, the few nigles you get are usually sorted with a BIOS Flash


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          We use alot of Asrock boards in the lower end Office builds.

          They are very stable boards, and easy to work with


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            Nothing wrong with ASRock boards
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