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ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus board - sound issue?

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  • ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus board - sound issue?

    Hi guy

    Noticed this problem a couple of weeks ago, but havent gotten around to posting about it until now.

    This board comes with a bundled graphics card but the sound can be a bit crackly, usually in more intense areas of audio? I have tried it with different speakers and headphones and also checked for driver updates (I have the latest apparently) but the problem persists...I have also been told by another owner of this baord that they have had simialr problems.

    Any ideas on this?

    Cheers, Craig

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    Nobody have any ideas on this then?


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      Hmm, you installed from fresh install? If youve upgraded Motherboard, then you may have existing drivers left. Google for a program to remove the old .inf files and get back to us.


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        [Removed at the request of the author]


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          I did a quick google, and alot of results with similar problems came up. Some people just ended up buying another soundcard.

          One of the other solutions was to turn down the wave volume in the soundcard mixer, as it seemed that in some cases, the max wave volume was set too high, and was distorting the main output, which was causing the crackling effect.

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