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  • 1440p 27" 144hz+

    Hello all,

    I'm currently trying to decide between 3, possibly 4 monitors. All of which are 2k, 27" and 144hz or above. I can't really justify the extra 150-250 extra for an IPS panel, so I'm looking at the Asus ROG pg278qr, the Acer Predator xb271hua, possibly the Dell S2716DG and the BenQ Zowie XL2730. I've heard that the colours of the BenQ monitor don't quite stack up compared to the other 3, but I'd just like advice or infomation from people that are in the know, or own any of these monitors. Is there a clear winner? Personal favourites?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I got a benq xl2430t recently and the colours out the box are pretty awful but if you install an icc colour profile (only takes a couple of minutes) it's miles better. No idea about the others but if you did go for the xl2730 it's worth trying out.


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      Yeah I've managed to fiddle around with colour profiles for my current monitor and it looks miles better. The only other thing that the BenQ lacks in relation to the others is G-Sync, which I've heard many opposing opinions on!
      - i7 7700k - Palit GTX 1070 Jetstream - Asus Strix Z270-G- Samsung 500GB -2x1TB Samsung F3 - 16GB Corsair Domintor 3200mhz - Corsair 750i - G900 -Corsair 350D - Corsair K70 -Corsair H115i -


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        I have the Dell and was surprised at the colour quality of the box, having come from a Dell IPS monitor. It's been a solid choice for me. It was cheaper than the equivalent spec Acer/Asus when I bought it and is a bit less garish. Build quality is still decent too.
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          I've just bought the PG279Q and believe me, you absolutely CAN justify the extra for the IPS (AHVA really) panel over the TN. It's definitely worth it. TFTCentral have a tweak guide to get it close to perfect calibration without the expensive equipment and it's worked a treat. It's reduced the IPS glow, which wasn't bad at all, to next to nothing. G Sync works a treat too. Now EVGA need to hurry up and launch their 1080Ti...


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            I originally had the Asus rog swift pg278q (non ips) 144hz screen when it came out, great image quality but i have just changed it as I was fed up with Asus customer service, I had 5 replacement screens in 3 years!!

            I then tried a 4k Aer predator but had issues with 60hz (from 144) and windows scaling issues, text was very blurry and gave me headaches after 10 minutes, couldnt fix it no matter what i tried so returned.
            I then got Acer Predator XB271HU, 165 hz ips and great, the panel is the same as the one in the asus PG279Q i believe, you will need to configure out of the box but really nice screen and colours.

            I did look at the dell monitor as it was cheaper but that is very similar to the pg278q but read a few reviews saying you had to do quite a bit of calibration and install a profile for it to make it look good. I wanted ips so went with the acer

            I do think that 1440 is the sweet spot (i have a gtx 1080 and 4k gaming was hard on the card, much smoother and higher frames at 1440)

            And gsync, i love its great, cant have a monitor without it now


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              It is the same panel, you're right. I'm absolutely loving the Asus ROG screen. The colours are simply stunning and the refresh rate left me realising what I'd been missing out on.


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                it is a great panel, heard there can be a few issues with backlight bleed (ips glow) i have a little on the bottom right but not really noticeable to be fair only on a black screen, when gaming do not see it at all.
                I love the colours they are great.

                I do like on the acer one that the monitor has a fps counter, saves me using fraps/steam now quick and easy.

                When i tried 4k @ 60hz i didnt realise how much i would miss the higher frame rate after being on 144hz, there was quite a bit of difference and i didnt expect it, wouldnt go lower now for gaming


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                  Same as the PG279Q - FPS counter, on screen crosshairs and an on-screen timer (dunno how much I'll use that feature though...). I too, got a monitor with next to no ips glow and reduced it even further by following the calibration guide on

                  If you haven't done it with your Acer panel, have a look at their website.


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                    thanks dude.

                    Just looking on ther but cant see my model

                    Acer Predator XB271HU, I can see the 4k version on there but not mine. I will have a scout out tonight



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                      Thank me later


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                        thank you

                        I will have a look tonight