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144hz monitor + GTX 980ti without Gsync?

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  • 144hz monitor + GTX 980ti without Gsync?

    Freesync monitor

    ...with 980ti.

    Display port box ticked, but what about the lack of Gsync, and AMD freesync which won't work, will there be any tearing issues? and can Vync solve this whilst still making use of the 144hz?

    FPS looks like 86 on gta,13.html

    to as high as 110 in bioshock,18.html

    Would it be worth lowering some settings to try and push 144fps?
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    hz is hz and it is either good (high) or bad (low).

    freesync is the name given to adaptive vsync by amd.

    gsync is the name nvidia have given their version of adaptive vsync (same as the free one but controlled by nvidia chip you have to pay 150 more for in the screen).

    you can hack nvidia drivers so it will work without the drm it has looking for the chip in the screen. afaik you can not hack amd drivers to work with gsync, but why would you pay 150 more for a gsync screen anyway?

    the main difference in how they work is that the nvidia system has the screen take frames as the card can make them, freesync the card waits for the screen to want the next frame. now this helps nvidia cards look their best as it shows higher fps at times when in use. but it means freesync is going to give you the best image your screen can show. gsync can still get tears at times when the screen is still not ready for a frame. freesync the card only gives fames when the screen is ready.

    they are both only worth talking about if you have a laptop or low end hardware anyway. they work best at low fps with low end/power hardware not at 144fps on the latest gpu tech in the world you know.

    the old hz debate.

    higher will gave a more fluid image, how high can the human eye see? well that is the debate.

    i know from my own testing i can not see anything above 110hz. back in the day i could not tell above 120hz on crt while i have a mate who claims he could tell the difference much higher.

    but here is the thing, i can only see with my eyes.

    with my eyes i do not like some post process filters game use. i do not like motion blur either. removing those 2 options in most games make my fps well above 110 in all the titles (200 in most) i play at 1440p so the 980ti should have no troubles with more eye candy on at the same res as my 290x. but what will really count is cpu speed. games are still very basic when it comes to cpu use (here's hoping it changes with dx12, but i aint holding my breath). they only really care about mhz and ipc.
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