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A good VA monitor for Gaming?

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  • ElBandito
    I've been looking at the Samsung c27hg70. Does anyone have experience with this monitor or know if a new version is coming out soon?

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  • ElBandito
    started a topic A good VA monitor for Gaming?

    A good VA monitor for Gaming?

    I want a new monitor, I've been using a 1200p TN panel for almost 10 years now so I think it's time for an upgrade?

    I mostly play RTS games and not many FPS games or films.

    I want a nice big screen with great colours, contrast and Gsync

    I don't want an IPS panel as i can't stand IPS glow as I really like looking at scenes that have great black depths.

    I can't find any monitors which really meet my needs which aren't professional monitors that are too expensive and don't have the frame rate

    Any suggestions?

    Budget - no more than 700