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    what is the best ram i can get for my 990fxa-ud3 motherboard ? got two vengeance 2 x 4 gb ddr3. would it be worth upgrading too 16 gb or 32 gb ram? my system is a 64bit

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    Do you know what speed and voltage your current RAM is?

    Say 1600mhz 1.5v for example?

    I would probably buy 2 more of the same (or same spec) and double up so you have 16GB in total, all 4 RAM slots used up.


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      amd do best with low latency ram.

      as for how much you need it depends on what you do. for gaming you want more that double your gpu has

      2x4 or 2x8 is around the sweet spot today but what's best for you boils down to what is best for your needs

      ddr3 is in decline as demand falls off, so getting good sticks is not as easy

      i think others are better suited to say where the sweet spot is for amd ram speeds. i don't know, sorry.
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        I'm running this on my Gigabyte 990fxa ud3. Works, lifetime warranty... Can't fault it. Leaves room for another 16gb if you find you need to upgrade to 32 at some point in the future, whereas 4gb sticks would tie you to 16gb max.
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          I'm not kidding when I say that this is the best RAM.


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            I seem to recall Linus did a 3-way test on RAM and it's effect on gaming performance. 8, 16 & 32GB sets were used and the sweet spot was 16GB. It offered the same performance as 32GB in every game, losing out slightly in video/picture rendering tests (to be expected) but the 8GB kit was consistently performing ~5% slower in every test, clearly being maxed out. The speed of the RAM had much less impact than total capacity.

            I know RAM price is up a little at the moment, but I'd rather go for a 2x8GB kit of slower RAM than a 2x4GB kit of faster stuff.


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              That why i said just double up on what he's already got, seems the most economical option.
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                Originally posted by BUDFORCE View Post
                That why i said just double up on what he's already got, seems the most economical option.
                Best answer. I just did that.

                I even managed to track down exactly the same part numbers for another 8GB (2X4GB) of Corsair DRAM.

                Puzzlingly, though, what turned up was not the same as I had installed. Same specs, but didn't look the same. Works OK though.

                Paid 62.49 (+ VAT) in 2011, 48.50 (+ VAT) this time around.
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