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    hi guys wondering if anyone can help me here i'm trying to find out if my mushkin redline enhanced 2x4gb 997000 7-8-7-24 1.65v ram is compatible with my gigabyte z68A p-d3 ?
    thanks for any reply in advance (i'm a total pc newb) don't know if this helps but i also have an i5 2500k and a gigabyte g1 gaming 970 in it atm.

    also ignore my signature i've changed pc 3 times since and not had time to update it
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    cpu: i7 2600k@4.4Ghz. mobo: asus p8z68 pro. gpu's:2x msi twin frozr GTX 580 sli. memory:mushkin 1600Mhz c7. cooler: noctua nh-d14. psu: corsair hx1050w. blu ray. case: fractal design xl. Hdd: 2x f3 1Tb raid 1. ssd: mushkin chronos 120Gb
    2nd pc: cpu:core2quad q8200@2.3Ghz. mobo:asus p5q-l. gpu:Gigabyte G! gaming 970. memory: corsair xm3 800Mhz. psu:Corsair RM1000. case: antec 300. cooler: corsair h50 Hdd: 1TB

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    should do. the mushkin 996997 i have worked ok with a 25k in the 68 d3 i had a while back

    just clear the cmos before you put them in, run optimised defaults, restart and then edit your bios settings to boot.
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