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Crucial Ballistix - superb warranty service!

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  • Crucial Ballistix - superb warranty service!

    Just thought I'd put a thread up, because after the dismal warranty support I've had from Asus and especially Verbatim lately, I though a bit of singing of praises would make a change for me

    Anyway, I've had a pair of 1GB DDR2 Ballistix sticks for a few years, unfortunately, I recently started getting BSOD's, did a bit of diagnostics which pointed to a fault with one of the sticks.
    Got in touch with Crucial support about it, no hassle at all, as soon as they confirmed I'd done a little diagnostics they gave me an RMA number almost straight away, and asked me to send both sticks back as they'd been bought as a matched pair.

    I got confirmation as soon as they recieved them, along with an e-mail explaining they no longer offer the original Ballistix type I had - pity as I liked the gold and silver scheme they had going, ah well - my rig is a heap anyway so not a worry!
    Apparently they'd moved over to double density modules since then, so they asked to send the motherboard model so they could check compatibility, and if need be try to source some old sticks, or check myself.

    That being done and confirmed they'd be okay, I got an automated e-mail the very next day saying my new sticks were being shipped, and a note on the bottom that because the new sticks were not the same as the old ones they would compensate me instead.
    Next morning, 2 x 2GB sticks of RAM arrived

    So, just a thread to give the guys at Crucial support a big for flawless, hassle-free service.
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    Nice, can't fault that at all

    Perfect customer support!
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      A little effort goes a long way......and nice result on the double up lol..
      posted by scrivz69
      I think I may leave this forum, it seems to be full of the village people.​
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        Definately, I know who's getting my custom when it's DDR4 time


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          yeah, that makes me even more comfortable recommending these, i wonder if you could get such speedy service if they were say only a few weeks old ? their service turn around time was very very good, i think probably better than most retailers can do.
          Also makes me happier that i chose those for my dads machine

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