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0x0000001A error ?

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  • 0x0000001A error ?

    I have been getting this error message 0x0000001A, I have changed sticks but it is coming up again, any advice please ?

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    Run memtest
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      Originally posted by Spaceboy View Post
      I have run memtest with no errors, yet windows memory diagnostics says different, I also have BSOD every so often ? I am running memtest again now to see again, it has been running 10 minutes now with no errors, ? and still running, motherboard is INTEL DP55WG, memory is CORSAIR MEMORY DDR3 1600MHZ 3X240 UNBUF 8-8-8-24 DH CMP6GX3M3A1600C8 with 2 x 2gb sticks installed, is there a chance the memory is not compatible, ?
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        memtest needs to run a full pass borris, 10minutes would full pass about a 256Mb stick of ram .....
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          It needs to run overnight And you should really run it again with the memory sticks swapped round.
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            Taken from another forums BSOD list:-

            0x1A = Memory management error. It usually means a bad stick of Ram. Test with Memtest or whatever you prefer. Try raising your Ram voltage.

            As the others have said, Memtest needs to run for a good while to work properly.
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