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Aria CS helping me out or simply telling me porkies?

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  • Aria CS helping me out or simply telling me porkies?

    My friend ordered a selection of parts the other day, one being some Mushkin RAM that then went out of stock.

    I phoned up today to get the RAM replaced and was originally looking at:

    However, the man on the phone quickly suggested that Excelram tended to fail a lot and that he'd do me

    for £59.99, which was nice of him.

    So, is Excelram genuinely dodgy or are Aria trying to sell me £60 RAM rather than £45?

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    Got 2 kits of exceleram here (1600mhz 2x4gb) with the same white heatsink and both have been flawless.
    Specced a number of systems with the same kits when it was in stock and didn't see any issues.

    No idea if the 1333mhz differs greatly but considering the 10 years warranty I'd definitely give them the benefit of the doubt.
    Was actually looking at those myself earlier
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      Originally posted by Toonshorty View Post
      So, is Excelram genuinely dodgy or are Aria trying to sell me £60 RAM rather than £45?

      The profit margin would not be all that different i would guess so he just offering you and alternative, tho he was very wrong to make that comment even if it is true, dont think Aria or there customers want to her that kinda talk after they just parted with there hard earn cash for it.


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        speaking from personal experience, we did have quite a bad batch I believe a while back which was most likely why you were recommended away from it.

        cannot speak from the new batch as i believe it is very new in.
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          I've used excelram in a few systems, never had a problem with it... That being said, given the choice of excel or corsair, I'd go for the corsair. So, I'd say he did you a favour
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            I've had a couple of 1333MHz sticks die on me in the past, haven't used anything recently though! Of course, you get what you pay for...
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              I have those exact same XMS3's still going strong 2.5 years later
              Originally posted by omega
              He's trying to lick the inside of his brain though, doesn't that count for something??

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