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  • Ram and overclock

    i know ive asked pretty much the same thing before, but this time is a bit different lol

    i wanna add more ram to my pc, but the overclocking was all done by aria, and i have no experience in overclocking what so ever

    i looked at cpu z to compare the ram i have right now *4GB Muskin Blackline* with the one im going to replace it with *16GB Mushkin Enhanced Blacklione Frostbite* - 47294

    the timings are different but the voltages are the same, would i have to change any settings in the bios and if so, is it the kinda thing thats easy to do??

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    It "should" be OK.

    The only thing that might be a problem is the 4GB you have now is 2 sticks, the 16GB will be 4 sticks.
    4 Sticks = more power, and that can make an overclock less stable.

    Personally, I would either try it, or go for the 8GB, 2stick version that should work fine. 16GB is a huge amount of memory anyway
    (If you try it and you get bluescreens, the OC needs dropping slightly, or you take 2 sticks out and flog em)
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      if it crashes either drop the cpu multi 1 or increase the io voltage 1 and test again.
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        ah right, are these the kind of things easy to do, or is it i get it wrong and i blow it??

        also, can i back up the original settings so either way i can just bring it back to how it was with 4GB


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          The settings should be saved in a profile that aria created, dropping the multi is easy and wont do any damage, as for the voltages i would do some reading up on that first