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Recommend me a NAS and switch

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  • Recommend me a NAS and switch

    I'm looking to get a NAS for Xmas but also need a small gigabit switch too.

    I've been looking at the LG N2R1 NAS Enclosure With DVD±RW or the Netgear RND2000 ReadyNAS Duo 2-Bay NAS Enclosure. I have drives I can drop in there straight away so going 2 x 1TB isn't an issue.

    Any other recommendations?

    Also, need a small 4 or 5 port switch too. Preferably Gb connection.

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    Switch-wise, for the money you really can't beat one of these, got 1 myself and I was dubious, bit "it just works" (tm)

    TP-Link Gigabit 5 Port Desktop Switch

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      Acer have an active one with an atom and 2x640GB drives for £199.99. PM me if you want a link
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        tbvh if you have a old pc lieing about save some money maybe pop in some new hard drives which are biger and load freenas up might save you a bit of cash plus if its only a nas box a old system should do fine


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          Cheers guys, I'd seen the TP-LInk one & looks like it might just do the job & for about £15 it's a bargain.

          I did used to have 2 PC's, one as a file server, but don't really want to run another PC if possible and a NAS would fit where I need it to go where as a midi tower won't.
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            oh i see xD just in collage we have like been put off from buying a nas box well a aceer one becuase its never worked there and they have sent it off twice allready so if i was you i would get a differnt one to be on the safe side but its up to you i would recomend hp as i have heard good about there home sever's (nas boxes)


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              it's COLLEGE !!!!!!
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                Please be careful what NAS you go for. Some require the drive be formatted in some weird format that can't be read by anything else. I've got one and gave up using it. Also consider how much storage you will ultimately need. I'm intending to build a file server as 3 external enclosures is still not enough.
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