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  • Faulty RAM

    Please see profile for computer specs.

    In my computer at the minute, I have one stick of Hypertec Hyperam 2GB PC3-10666 1333Mhz single channel. I bought another stick of exactly the same RAM but I think it's faulty.

    I've tried the new RAM in every slot together with the original RAM, each time the computer started to boot but shut down before reaching the motherboard splash screen. After a few seconds, it would try to boot up again etc.

    I've also tried the new RAM in every slot after taking the original RAM out, but it does the same thing.

    Please help!

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    try a cmos reset by turning off the PSU on the switch and taking the cmos battery on your motherboard out for about 10 minutes then put it back in and try
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      if the new stick wont post on its own when the old stick of the same spec does it sounds like its faulty to me.

      rma time i think
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        Faulty memory, no doubts, return it to where you bought it.


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          Thanks guys, I've applied for a RMA, just waiting for a reply.


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            Just to confirm that your new RAM has the same timings as your old RAM, and that your haven't manually set the timings/voltage in the BIOS? Might be worth a final check before it goes? Sometimes you have to manually set the voltage as the motherboard can default to something incorrect.

            Worth a shot surely

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