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  • Memory Problems

    Hi all

    On Wednesday my computer for some reason shut it self down. And now when I go to turn it back on again...the mobo does its thing and gets to 61 and thats normal..then when its about to log into load the screen to ask me to sign into windows it will do a d5 on me and reboot. I have tried all my memory sticks in each slot and if I put just one stick in 1 on the mobo mem slots it will load to point of 61 then d5 on me. But if I put 2 sticks in it just d5 on me right away...I have taken out the battery on the mobo left it over night..came back to it this morning and the same thing is happing. I have checked in the bios and the mobo is reading the memory right its telling me how much memory I have the speed etc etc all looks fine. I am coming to the point where I guess It is the mobo that has now got a fault. And thats annoying as the is a new build I have done for my dad.. with old parts that I didnt need anymore..and I have a much faster and newer machine and tbh the PC has been woking fine for weeks until now.

    my next thing will be to give the slots a good clean incase dust has got in there. Someone said it could be a PSU problem so I will try another PSU and see what happens. My guess is will do the same.

    The Mobo isa XFX 750a SLI

    AMD Phenom 9750

    with OCZ Memory sticks 2gb each x4 = 8gb I have running.

    Any Ideas welcome



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    with older parts it could be pretty much any of the things

    i would try to force the ram to run slower latency as you have all the dimms populated. so if they're 1066 cl 5 run them all at 6, 800 cl 4 run them 5 and such.

    idk the errors codes for that board, but maybe finding out what the d5 code means might help narrow it down?

    what does the manual say about it?
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      It is to do with the RAM.

      from the XFX manual - Bootblock code is copied from ROM to lower system memory and control is given to it. BIOS now executes out of RAM.

      I new this but do not understand as to why it has now changed after it decided to shut down the other day.


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        i would guess the imc has degraded with age.

        you could chase it with more voltage but that is a slippery slope and will only cause more deg. reducing latency and speeds is a better way to combat it imo
        "Those able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses."


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          Well I put in the other PSU and it has loaded to 61 code and asking for login info for windows10 lol with all 4 mem sticks 8gbs on the mobo see how it does.


          Its the mobo....has a bad connection cause now when trying both PSUs the pc wont turn on at all..and the mobo is making a noise..when going to turn the pc on.
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