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Security for my PC & Laptop Internet Sharing Network

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  • Security for my PC & Laptop Internet Sharing Network

    Right first off i am a complete novice at networking!! so your help would be great thank you!!!!

    I have added a Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router to my pc and then a Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adaptor to my laptop.

    My pc connects to the internet and my laptop connects to the internect via the wireless connection to the pc.

    Both my pc and laptop have the newest norton anti virus and firewall which are both fully updated!

    What i would like to know is this enough to keep hackers out??? Or are there further settings i can change or use to keep people out!!

    Any help off you guys would be great thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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    [quote:d064fb58b5=\"L B \"]Nope thats all enough m8

    Norton isn't the best choice of firewall/anti virus....but if you've got it installed and working then thats ok.

    But yep, your pretty safe m8....unless you've annoyed some turkish hackers and they are out to get you

    Naa....All's good m8


    You have put a password on your wireless connection yes?
    Otherwise anyone can connect and use your wireless internet and maybe connect to a workgroup if you've set 1 up and access shared files etc....

    Please say you've put something like a wep-psk on ya network?[/quote:d064fb58b5]

    Ummmmm what do you mean????
    When i had to set up the modem router i hat to put in my btinternet username and password is that what you mean?

    Also when i open up my network connection iit does not have a padlock against it, is that ok?


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      Definitely don't use WEP encryption, use WPA or better yet, WPA2. Set a really strong password made up of a mix of upper and lower case letters, and numbers. Fill the password field with as many characters as you can to make it really hard to break.


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        No no no

        First off when i had my first wireless network with a PC and laptop i used Norton because it said it will protect you against hackers and viruses, Gess what happen when i tries to update my software i had a virus and a load of spyware, If you want to have a secure network yes put on the encryption and use a decent peice of software that thousands of people recommend, like ZoneAlarm firewall, AVG Free and a decent spyware program. And gess what they are ALL FREE to download, not this 12 month free updates thing where you have to pay every year.
        Plus it dosn't hog your computers memory or processor resources

        Hope this helps