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    Morning guys,

    I know this isn't a pro apple/mac community, so do forgive me, however just seeking some advice on the following .. I need a MacBook for in the office to accompany my home station (a specced iMac) .. I work at a film production company, and just need something for the office that can handle moderate editing tasks w/ Premiere, Photoshop etc. Anything too heavy, can just be completed on my home workstation .. I appreciate I could probably get a custom built laptop for better value/performance, however I'd prefer to just keep everything streamlined across one OS, plus the fact I prefer Apple's OS anyway .. So, I've been looking in the used market, and the following appear to be the best bang for buck .. However, which would I experience faster performances from?

    Intel Core i7 2nd Gen 3.1GHz (info states 3.1, title states 2.2GHz?)
    8GB RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 6750M, Intel HD Graphics 3000 512MB
    Apple MacBook Pro A1286 15.4" (October,2011) 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Good Cond 885909534159 | eBay


    Intel Core i7 3rd Gen 2.3GHz
    16GB RAM (product comes with 8GB, however can be maxed to 16GB, unlike like the first link)
    Intel HD Graphics 4000, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512MB
    Apple MacBook Pro A1286 15.4" (June,2012) 2.3GHz,4GB SDRAM 0885909580040 | eBay

    .. and from both a general point of view, which would you personally recommend I opt with? There's also the below, which comes pre-installed w/ Microsoft Office and a 6month warranty, plus the seller has close to perfect feedback, as apposed to the above links ..

    Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" Quad core i7 2.2ghrz 8GB 500GB (Feb 2011) 6 M Warranty | eBay

    Thanks guys!
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    No issue with Macs here lol..... just apple....

    OK top one has a 2675QM

    The middle has a 3615QM

    the bottom one has a 2720QM

    that and the fact the middle one max's at 16gb... more leg room... so I would waste my money on the middle one..... Apple MacBook Pro A1286 15.4" (June,2012) 2.3GHz,4GB SDRAM 0885909580040

    dont forget to add another 50 - 60 into the budget for a 16gb upgrade ... probably get some legroom out of adding an SSD too...
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      I've got a 2011 i7 macbook which I use for multitrack audio sessions. It handles it with no problems at all (up to 40 tracks of audio with most of them having real time effects on them). The specs say that you it will only take 8gb ram, but it will take 16gb. It's working perfectly well in mine

      The only difference between the 2011 and 2012 models is that the later ones have usb3. After that, it's just down to personal preference of the individual machine specs. I didn't have a need for usb3 so I saved myself ~150 and got a 2011 model.

      You will need to put an ssd in it though as the hard drives in there are painfully slow in comparison.

      The only other thing to bear in mind is that 2010/2011/2012 models all have a recall on them to do with the GPU and apple will fix under warranty. However, that's expired on the 2010 models, and runs out later this year (November I think) on the 2011 models, so if you do get one, it might be worth getting it checked out by apple. They have a test they can run which will show if yours has an affected GPU.

      If it were me, I'd be going for the 2011 model, and using the money I saved to put towards a full 16gb ram and a 500gb ssd.

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