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2nd Hard Drive - Asus X453MA

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  • 2nd Hard Drive - Asus X453MA

    Hi there ladies and gents,

    I'm looking to add a second hard drive in the ODD bay.

    This laptop however has quite a steep bezel so don't think that there will be any that match up to it. Is there a way of securing the HDD inside the case.. i.e. using a cable (which one?) to connect the drive instead of buying a caddy??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I would buy a caddy if you are going to be moving that machine in any way at all.
    You can get one for less than 20
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      I seem to be struggling to find one that fits my specific machine as I mentioned the bezel on the laptop is unusual. If i were to use two SSD's in my laptop is there a cable that i can use??


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        put this in google..

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