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Keyboard keys not responding

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  • Keyboard keys not responding

    Recently, my keys on my laptop have not been responding, something tells me it's to do with my little sister *cough cough* spilling a drink on the keyboard
    Is there any way I can repair this without needing a new keyboard

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    It seems like it will have to be replaced rather than repaired, it would probably be easier and cheaper


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      Well with a regular keyboard you can clean them by giving them a quick wash in a bath or something then drying them THOROUGHLY for several days, ideally in an airing cupboard or similar. It's not the water which does the damage as such, it's sugar or whatever in the drinks usually. I've done this with regular non-mechanical keyboards on numerous occasions. Just don't submerge the USB connector.

      Same may work in principle with laptop keyboards I suppose, once you have removed them from the laptop itself which is sometimes tricky, however I can't confirm as it's not something I have ever done.


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        Or buy a cheap USB keyboard?
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          What laptop brand and model is it?
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            this needs a thread title change to -
            "Spilt generic brand cola on keyboard, how broken is it?"