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Latop - Broadnabnd sharing help - Please

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  • Firerat
    This would need one ( the Parents ) two have two NICs + Wires are messy
    Need to know if it is ADSL or Cable
    Then get the appropriate Wireless Router and a couple of Wireless Adaptors
    Then Both laptops are free to roam teh house
    Actaully I think you can get ADSL/Cable Wireless routers, not sure off the top of my head

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  • djdaface
    Crossover cable, from one laptop network socket to the other (assuming they both have them)

    Then internet connection sharing on the one with internet, and set the one without internet to use the IP of the one with internet as the gateway.

    i think off the top off my head

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  • neath_jmj
    started a topic Latop - Broadnabnd sharing help - Please

    Latop - Broadnabnd sharing help - Please

    Seeing as all of you are knowlegeable on here and so helpfull!! i was wondering if you could help me out please

    My gf has her own laptop with no modem and her parents have their own laptop with a internal broadband modem which they connect to the internet.

    My gf would like to use her laptop to go on the internet, whats the best way to do this??? using routers???

    Any help would be great thanks!!