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  • Surface RT Review

    He seems to like it.

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    Originally posted by Terbinator View Post
    My guess is he didn't have to front the bill for the review sample.


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      He does mention how it is a superb extension of the Windows environment where productivity is concerned, that is, he doesn't mention anything about Office being pants and so on.

      Price is a bit :/ though.

      O/T: Is there anyway you can half-inch RT onto a Nexus 7, for example?


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        Don't think you can get RT onto a Nexus 7 or anything, I wouldn't be surprised if in the future people are able to get something to work, but I wouldn't expect it to happen.

        He does mention office and the Tegra 3 and maxing out its single threaded performance.

        Price is still too much though, needed to be 300 quid at the most for just the table for me to buy it.


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          To be honest tho a 200 tablet with a bunch of android to office apps configured correctly can probably do as much. I mean just how amazing does it need to be for working on the train or whatever?


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            Well, I'm looking at one for university, where a laptop is inconvenient (big and bulky) and where being able to whip it out and take a couple of notes down without having to boot it up etc is convenient.
            Office apps for Android just don't compete with the real deal. Actually, their poor optimisation and performance drives me insane
            Originally posted by andyn
            Trick in most cases seems to be to get in early, and get out early. Pump and dump.
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              To be honest, I'd get the Acer W510 at the same price, X86 clovertrail tablet should come in at 400 quid.