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Installing SSD into a netbook

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  • Installing SSD into a netbook

    Hi, I have an HP Mini 210 netbook. It's cheap and cheerful, but does the job. One negative is that it's heavy for its small size.

    So, would it be a good idea to take out the current 250GB HDD, and purchase and install a 256GB SSD?

    Or, considering everything, would I be better of just getting a newer/lighter netbook?

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    Its only going to save you a few grams in weight really.

    I have the same netbook and they aren't heavy really, just weighed mine and its 1.7Kg in a foam and neoprene case.

    Newer ones are around 1.25Kg.

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      Two advantages of SSD are speed (obviously) and battery life.
      Disadvantage is the constant writing/deleting of temp files will shorten it's lifespan.
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        SSD will also be more shock resistant, which is handy in something as portable as a netbook. I find the much faster boot time to be a real advantage when you want to do something quick on the move.

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          This is all true, but I believe speed gains are going to still be well and truly limited by the CPU

          Hard drive - SSD = matter of grams difference
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