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Lenovo z570 only use nvidia chip?

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  • Lenovo z570 only use nvidia chip?

    Does anyone know of any way possible through BIOS to get my laptop to never use the intel graphics chip? - The number 1 Linux gaming community

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    why would you want to ?
    the nvidia will be better then the intel in built graphics ?


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      That's what he is asking, re-read the question.
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        Originally posted by Tommytucka View Post
        That's what he is asking, re-read the question.
        oh yeah i read it wrong


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          dude it uses the intel 1 to save power when you dont need the grunt of the real gpu.

          idk if you could disable it, or tbh why you would really want to
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            interestingly, though, Lenovo hasn’t opted for Nvidia’s Optimus technology, choosing instead to utilise a physical switch on the laptop's front edge. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: where Optimus automatically switches between the Intel and Nvidia chipsets as it sees fit, the Z570 has you swapping chipsets at the flick of a switch, which you could argue gives you more control. Sticking with Intel’s integrated HD Graphics 3000, the Z570 lasted a healthy 5hrs 27mins in our light-use battery test.