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Lightweight, Decent Battery Laptop

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  • Lightweight, Decent Battery Laptop

    After winning the external Blu Ray drive from the very generous shay, I have once again been tempted to look into laptops. Ideally it would have no optical drive, be lightweight and have a decent battery life. It doesn't need to be massively powerful, but if it doesn't come with an SSD I might be tempted to chuck one in for some speedy boots and increased battery life.

    Basically I want a macbook air type thing that runs windows and doesn't cost the earth!

    Thinking around the 500 mark...but not really sure they exist xD

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Acer timeline X 4820 is very good and half the price


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      Was hoping to get a nice thin one without an optical drive...Anyone got any ideas, even if they are a bit over the 500 mark? Want to get a feel for what's out there but have no idea what to look for :/


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        The new lightweight thins are just out starting at 800.

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