OCZ is a household name, at least for hardware enthusiasts everywhere, and have diversified their product offerings over the last few years. That trend continues with the announcement that the company will be offering do-it-yourself gaming notebooks later this year. Consumers should be able to buy a barebones notebook and then add components to it as they see fit, to complete a system. Standard features on the OCZ platform will include a 15.4" display, NVIDIA 8600M GT 512MB GPU, dual-layer DVD burner, four USB ports and an Intel PM965/ICH8M northbridge/southbridge combination. This comes at a price though, with the notebook weighing in at 7lbs (gaming notebooks have never exactly been lightweights to be fair). There is no word yet on how much all this will cost you, and whether it will appeal to those used to picking out components for their desktops is uncertain.