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Advent Sienna 500 problems

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  • Advent Sienna 500 problems

    My girlfriend has recently bought this laptop but is having problems powering it up when it isn't connected to the mains, from a cold start it will post fine but then shut itself off just as it is about to start loading windows, it will do this a few times and then it will start up OK, as if it's just warmed up a bit. If you shut it down after it having being on a while it will turn back on no problem so it is just from a cold start. I ran the windows startup repair feature but it's not improved.

    Do you think I should get her to return it or is there an easy solution? I put the problem in Google but haven't seen any other similar stuff relating to this machine. The laptop should have been set up by the manufacturer so shouldn't really have to change anything in BIOS.

    Thanks in advance for any reply

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    not sure m8 but if its in warranty get them to sort it. you dont want to be messing with it
    Is my new Kingston flash drive on drugs?



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      yeah good thinking, i doubt you have to do much to void the warranty these days, it's only a couple weeks old