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    Hey guys, I got an old medion laptop (model num MD 6270) which has died, it needs a new HDD, I have a dead dell laptop which I removed the HDD from but I cant figure out how to dismantle the medion, I removed all the screws from the bottom and half of it comes apart but i need to completely remove the cover. anyone here triedthis before or know where I can get some advice?

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    Are you sure thats how you remove the hard drive?

    Have you tried removing the keyboard and looking underneath there.


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      dont know how, all screws/clips are on the bottom of the machine


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        Can you take a picture of the keyboard mate?

        Its normally done by wedging a flat ended screw driver into the bottom right of keyboard, and lifting the latch out. Then doing the same all along the bottom edge of the keyboard until it lifts up and out.

        Underneath there you should see the hard drive or a metal plate which needs to be removed. Then you should see the hard drive


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          my laptop doesnt even need any screw drivers, theres a little clip at the side, which takes of the small plate at the power button. Then the keyboard just lifts up, and my RAM is there.
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