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On a screen near you...or not as the case may be..!

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  • On a screen near you...or not as the case may be..!

    Lappy Dispair... :

    Poor Bloke....Kids have bust 2 laptops in the space of 2 weeks, I normally fix his other PC's and cable telly...

    First is a lovely metallic red 17 inch p30, the other is an M30x

    The P30 boots to an external screen so, machine basically is intact, no display leads me to believe it may have a backlight lamp or an inverter fault.

    The M30X looks like some kids got pretty p!ssed off at it and whacked the screen into a lovely crystaline shattered peice of art, again machine works fine on an external monitor.

    Quotes Im getting on the parts are really a bit silly, e.g. 300 - 400 quid for the 17 inch lcd screen alone without fitting, although I can get em for 200 quid for the 17 inch and 100 quid for the other one.

    Question is.... Would you have a go your self?, have you ever fitted any replacement screens?, is it better to just send it off and slap 500 quids worth out of ya kids?

    Personally Id be giving em gameboys back if thats how they treat nice lappy's.

    Im toying with the idea of having a go at replacing both of em, Ive been gathering some info on how to strip one down, to replace the screens etc

    please feel free to PM Me, any links to Laptop repair, cheap screen replacement, how to guides, etc etc.

    Or....tell me not to bother....bite the bullet...and pay some firm 500 smackers.

    any thoughts Much appreciated...!


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    Personally i kick seven shades out of them and make them pay out of their pocket money and no birthday / xmas pressies for tthe next 2 years. Might make them value their belongings a bit more :roll: .

    Also i wouldn't bother having a crack yourself but then its up to you. I have seen a chap at work trying to fix a lappy, different problem though, and looking at what he went through it isn't worth the aggro. Might be different on newer machines though???
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      Have a go at fixing the screen yourself mate.

      I've seen my boss change 2 laptop screens and yeah its looks bloody difficult.

      I'll have a hunt round soon for some links, and advice. 8)


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        Mighty mate!!!

        Have a go, it just needs a really organised breakdown, and then it's quite simple. Depends if you have spades or nimble fingers really, because some of the screws are a nightmare. It normally involves taking EVERYTHING apart, mobo, memory, everything!

        Personally, you can get lappy's with great spec new from a certain place that rhymes with hell for 350 so I would probably replace. They could sell the parts off the existing laptops and raise cash, or swap out the hard drives and keep their old ones, and sell the new 120Gb ones for a tidy sum. This is probably a cheaper and less hassle way...

        and no, I don't work for Da Hell!!


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          [Removed at the request of the author]


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            PP, I will take it any which way ;o)