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    Hey Dingalingadongy Guys !

    Going to buy a laptop from the Bay and can you tell me is this laptop worth the cash as it seems to be a pretty good laptop.

    Yes it says Referb but i spoke with the A team and they said all thats wrong with the laptops is there either the box is damanage or the seal has been broken and that theres nothing wrong with the actual laptop etc..

    What do you think?

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    Micky, you should know better than that


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      Yeah thats not even that cheap.

      i would look for a more direct place to get a laptop from.

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        i've bought something from them b4

        ok it was a 15m phone extension for about 2 just needed it to get around bedroom from the phone skt to where the sky+ box was going
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          I have looked around and the one on the bay seems to be the best buy, it has to be a 17". I even looked on Aria and they only sell 2 17" laptops and the nearest laptop i can find the the one on the bay is this which is nearly 800 -

          I have also looked some other sites including L Direct (L is not the name but i think you know where i mean) and theres nothing really like the one on the bay for that price, unless you can find me anything better for same price?


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            What is it needed for?
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              Not gaming by the look of the GPU
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