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Acer Travelmate 5720 Laptop

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  • Acer Travelmate 5720 Laptop

    My dad currently has an Acer Aspire 3004 WLMi, which has just gone wrong.
    Not sure whats happened, power on and hear HD activity then it either just stops and nothing happens, or loads up windows and then the screen goes corrupted and the keyboard stops responding. Guess its major problem..

    Anyway, we've been thinking of getting another for a while because its a few years old and the battery doesn't last very long.
    So I am looking for an equivalent machine in the 300-350 price range, I search aria and find "Acer Travelmate 5720"

    But it doesn't give a great deal of information on the spec.
    I searched the net for "5720" and the full model number "Acer Travelmate 570-5B1G16 Mn"
    and there seemed to be several variations of the same thing yet I couldn't find the specific number listed, so now I am concerned as to if it contains all the features I want. I am sure it probably does as my dad only needs basic features but I want to be sure.
    Is there a link to a full spec sheet?

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    Why get the same laptop again when you could get a more power efficient, faster, newer model for your dad?


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      Yeah and don't buy Acer, i know a guy who is contracted to repair them, sees 50 a week in his work.

      Get a Sony/Toshiba/Dell.

      Freedom isn't free"


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        Erm, his old one is Aspire 3004, the one I am thinking of buying is Travelmate 5720 so it is different ? and newer, although its not the newest model, they are more expensive.

        Do you have any suggestions within the 300-350 price range then?
        my brother had an Acer 3000 and its lasted him over 5 years without a problem and my dads lasted 4years+, maybe thats not the best but indicates to me they aren't dodgy machines.
        That said I am not wed to the idea of getting an Acer.