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Buy another 1070 or get a 1080ti?

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  • Buy another 1070 or get a 1080ti?

    As Battlefield V is upon us i want to play it in all its glory. Ill probably be happy with just the one 1070 playing at 1440 but wouldnt it be a great idea to buy a second hand 1070 for 300 quid or sell my 1070 and upgrade and get a 1080ti?

    What would you guys do? On numbers the 1080ti (by youtube videos) isnt as good as a pair of 1070 in sli but i like the single graphics card and i only have a 750 corsair power supply.

    Im currently running a stock 6700k with 16gb Ram.

    Thanks All

    Project Antec 900

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    Personally, I always try and stick to getting the most powerful single GPU I can.

    If it were me, I would try it with a single 1070, and see how it performs. If it was unplayable, I would then look at upgrading

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      Im the same, single card all the way. I used to run 2x 670's and the second card made an improvement but not enough to justify a double in performance.
      so my question is really, would i be losing out on money if i bought another 1070? Or grab the money off the 1070 and invest in a 1080ti?

      Project Antec 900