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HD 7970 replacment

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  • HD 7970 replacment

    my old hd 7970 has finally died so i asking you guys to recommend me an equivalent or an upgrade.
    ​​im currently running an i5 2500k 3.3ghz with 16 gb ram. to play games such as Skyrim, Battlefield, Wow and fallout etc. thanks.
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    I'm also still running an i5 2500K but at 4.5GHz paired with a GTX970 which seems a good match. I think the 1050 Ti was touted as being the Nvidia equivalent to the 7970 and are pretty good value at 150-170.

    Depending on your cooling arrangements it would definitely be worth OCing your i5 if it's only running at 3.3GHz still (I think they boost to 3.8GHz anyway?), in which case maybe a 1060 would be a good buy, but they are 100 more than the 1050 Ti.

    I'm a bit out of the loop with GPUs at the moment so I might be talking rubbish, but a wrong answer normally prompts someone to come along and give the correct one either way.
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      I went from a dead 7970 to a GTX970 and it was a great move.
      Currently running a second hand 980 and it works well.

      Same CPU. Not overclocked
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        I'm also still running a 2500K - still no reason to upgrade for my uses!

        I'm running it with a 1060 and it runs everything pretty well

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