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MSI 1070Ti - Power connections

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  • MSI 1070Ti - Power connections

    Hi all,

    My partners father has just bought a MSI Armor 1070Ti Graphics Card but when I went inside his PC to ensure he had all the correct cabling, I found the following:

    - A non modular PSU and only 4 pin molex's for power...

    As the 1070 will require a 8 and 6 pin PCi-E cable, we are in a bit of a pickle!

    Is the only solution to get hold of molex adaptors? Or is there an easier solution I am missing out here?

    I have found a 2 x 4pin molex to 8 pin PCI-E and a 1 x 4pin molex to 6 pin PCI-E - I believe this is the only solution? But welcome your expertise!

    Many Thanks
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    To be honest, the best, most reliable, safest and least risky option is to buy a new psu with the correct adaptors..

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