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    Short version, brought a Rift after the price drop - laptop works well enough for gaming, but only really the simple games (1050 mobile gpu in HP Omen gaming laptop)

    Home machine, still running a Palit 680 and despite various adapters and the like and the bench being comparable to the 1050, no go on getting a display output, I suspect Nvidia drivers are limiting factor as says not VR Ready, despite reports of some people getting it working.

    Office machine, has a RX480 in it used for a dabble in Unreal Engine development work, brought the Rift in today and smacked, crashed and shot my way through a few frantic Robo Recall levels. No judder, thing is solid. This card is also left on as in the office mining Eth, I've about 0.73 of a coin. Haven't optimised too much, just the mining drivers.

    Decision I need help with.

    Swap the 680 to office, and 480 to home and no more Eth mining.

    Buy a new Nvidia card (bench in general seem better for Rift), leave 480 until pool payout (1 coin) or leave going forever.

    Buy a 8Gb 580, which seem to be a down in price - put that in office to mine and take 480 home, or leave 480 mining and 580 sits there doing nothing 95% of the week.

    My budget is the awkward part - I don't really want a larger outlay that 200, so the budget then is 200 + selling + Eth sale when hitting 1 coin? Withdrawing from the pool at less than 1 incurs a fair what on charge iirc.

    I think Coiler needs to call me and give me some options I can't resist, I'm tempted but it's a stretch on budget

    Home machine is a i5 with 8Gb ram, for reference, work is a i7-2600k with 32Gb ram ..... Both run off Samsung 250Gb ssd and power supplies are more than required for any of the available tech.


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    Also thinking of upgrading mine for the Vive. Cannot justify a 1080ti but liking the look of a 1070ti when they come out. I just know when i try and run fallout VR it's going to upset me.

    Originally posted by Aria
    On reflection though, as I am taking a bath, listening to "Rain of blessing-vajra chant" while typing on the iPad


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      I decided to stop waiting, had so much fun this weekend using this card

      I'm getting the odd frame dropping, but looking at the logs I'm hitting my CPU limits i5-4690K that boosts to 3.9Ghz. Might have to move the Oculus games dir onto an ssd as well, 100% disk load noticed a couple of times, 1060 got to about 60% load tops!
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