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is my ye olde gaming machine worth anything ?

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  • is my ye olde gaming machine worth anything ?


    I have this gaming machine that i built only last year actually with all new parts more for education and experiments tbh and for that it was awesome.
    its a fx5950 with an aio watercooler (120 seidon v3 with the dual fans..)
    an asus sabretooth mobo
    and an r9 290 4gb (orginally had 2 but one died)
    8gb crucial balistix ddr3 pc3-12800H
    evga 1000w PSU (cos you effin need 1000w this thing heats you house if you thrash it the 800w i started with wasnt enough!..)

    you can clock it way more than i have it now they can do well over 5ghz but its noisy so i leave it stock..
    it runs all the latest games fine strangely but im upgrading now and i dont know what to do with it tbh.
    is it worth anything ?

    I cant even find a 9590 for sale to know what they are worth..
    what do you guys think its worth if anything ?

    EDIT: not been on this forum for 5 years look at the system in my signature OMFG lols
    AMD Phenom][ X4 955, 4 gb pc3 12800, 1gb 5870, Kone v2,24 inch LED 2ms @1920 x 1080

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    I'm afraid price check threads arent permitted on the forum.

    If you're looking for ball-park prices for what your current hardware is worth, have at the sold listings on ebay
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