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    Afternoon all. I'm looking to buy a new TV for my mum. I'm looking at getting her one with HD freeview that can record multiple programme at once. I'm not sure which types of freeview allow this though.

    It also wants to be at least 50". Hd or 4k. Not too fussed. Needs 5o have optical audio output and a couple of HDMI ports, plus scart for Nintendo Wii. Pretty standard connections I know.

    Looking to spend around 400.

    So, anyone know of any decent TVs that meet the requirements?

    Thanks in advance all. And sorry if this is in the wrong place.


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    Recording multiple programs at once will make your choice difficult
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      What about recording one while watching another? That's enough.


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        Most new TVs that have a recording function will be be able to do that. The other thing to look at, if she only watches the 'main' TV channels is something with freeview play built in. Then, she won't have to even bother recording them.

        Just be careful on the inputs side of things - scart is becoming a rare beast these days!

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          Freeview Play requires the internet though it seems.

          Is it still possible to record with Freeview play?


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            It does require the internet, yes.. is internet connectivity something that's not an option?

            Originally posted by coiler
            Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary


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              LG make some nice screens - comparable to Samsung - and at prices that don't break the bank. Their SmartTV software is based on WebOS (anyone remember using that?) too and works really nicely. In fact having used both Samsung and LG smart TVs, I think I actually do prefer LG.

              The LG TV I have also has nicer in built speakers than most of the other modern TVs I've used. A lot more bass and definition. But I don't know how much of that is down to the difference in acoustics due to the room and placement of the LG screen (wall mounted).