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funny noise from the PSU

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  • funny noise from the PSU

    just bought the following PSU:
    Aerocool Integrator 700W Power Supply

    After installation there is some funny noise coming from the PSU. do you think that I should send it back or there is a easy fix o this?

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    What sort of noise?

    Could it be the mounting? Screwed in too tightly? Not enough?

    Did it come with a rubber "grommet" to insulate it from the case?
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      It might just be vibrations as michaelkenward is alluding to. If it's anything more then send it back as PSU's are not something you should attempt to fix yourself


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        I dont know too much about this model, but I can say that many modern PSUs run very cool, and often have a 0 fan setting when in low power use. Some fans, if they aren't well specc'd can hit a voltage where it isn't quite enough to start spinning, but it is trying to, resulting in a start/stop, and if the fan needs a minium of say, 50% (6v) this is quite a high speed (yet rather common) for a fan to be kicking in, causing a more subtle but similar sound to a faulty HDD which would power up then stop, power up then stop.


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          probably, yes. that being said as you can see there could be a few reasons for it making noise, and just being called funny, it is hard to say what it could be
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            Oh, yes I can see Aria sell those now..
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