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    I havnt looked at purchasing a memory card reader since I properly worked at Aria and then that was one that went in the 3.5m slot on the case front.

    Now im after an external USB card reader that can take SD, Micro SD (without an adaptor card) and CF.
    I've looked around and most cheap ones seem the same but then you get the ones that are about 25/30 quid.

    I need one mainly for transferring Photos and Videos on to my Mac.
    Im transferring a good few gig's worth at a time, this weekend it was about 15Gb worth of images.

    Any one user them anymore and if so what you use?
    Is it worth splashing out the 25/30 quid or will a 5 quid one be just as good?

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    You can pick up USB 3.0/3.1 card readers for a few quid but I suspect what's driving up the price here is the compact flash card capability
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      Had a similar thought last night when I tried to get some photos off my 40D and couldn't find an 'old' USB (mini) lead - flipped open the memory card slot and remembered it was a CF and my heart sank
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        I very rarely use CF to be honest but its just to have it there just in case really.
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          I would sa go for a mid range one.
          The cheap ones are slow. The expensive ones tend to be "named" brand and the name is what you're paying for.
          I paid about 12 for mine some time ago just when USB3 came out. Even using USB 2 it is faster than a USB2 one.
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            Yeah Im thinking of a mid range one.
            I had a look on Aria and they only sell one cheap one

            Im going a Camera show at weekend so will see if any of the stalls sell stuff like them and see if any mid range ones there.
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              I've been looking for something similar. But CF seems to be a dying breed as far as card readers go.

              While cheap ones may be slow, it is hardly a case of hours to clear a card.
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