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Pc shutting off and won't come back on for an hour or so.

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  • Pc shutting off and won't come back on for an hour or so.

    Hey I bought my Pc around summer last year and it's worked pretty fine apart from the hard drive I bought being shut off, no response nothing.

    But why i'm curious is that my computer seems to be overheating, as it won't come back on for a while, but all of the temps are normal?
    The pc is fully cleaned, no dust or anything and I have not overclocked it, though it used to be.

    Any help would be great, thank you.

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    If you're as confident as you can be it's not overheating, then my guess would be the PSU is on its way out.

    What are you using to check the temps?
    BIOS can read the CPU temp.
    RealTemp / CoreTemp can measure CPU temps within windows
    HWMonitor can measure CPU and GPU temps I believe
    MSI Afterburner can measure GPU temps

    Are you checking temps under heavy load? Try Prime95 and/or benchmarks such as "Heaven" to stress test while monitoring temps.
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      I'm curious as to what you mean with the hard drive being shut off?
      follow spaceboys tips, another thing might be, have you removed the CPU cooler to clean out the dust? if so it might have removed the thermal past from there, so could be a bad contact with the cpu and the cooler.


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        Power supply.

        When you say it wont turn on, do you mean it'll just fail to power up at all for an hour or so at a time?

        My money would be on a capacitor failing in your power supply.