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Can I recruit some people to make an infographic video?

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  • Can I recruit some people to make an infographic video?

    So the PS4 has been announced, and, just like the PS3, the Sony fanboys are latching onto whatever marketing propaganda Sony has spewed out.

    This is wholly reminiscent of 2006/2007 when you couldn't hear anything in a sensible discussion except the words "No but.. TEH CELL" "well yes, it's a good CPU, but it's still not that great as it has to be coded for in a much different way than usual and it also has to pick up some slack from the GPU" "yeah but TEH CELL!!"

    And now there's 8GB GDDR5. Yes this is new, as in, we don't have unified memory on PC. Why? Because every gaming PC out there has a dedicated CPU and a dedicated GPU. System RAM is better for a CPU and GDDR5 RAM is better for a GPU.

    Unfortunately, this isn't the way Sony spun it, proclaiming that GDDR5 RAM is the be-all-end-all of gaming technological progress. Pretty much the same arguments they made in 2005/6 with "Teh Cell", right?

    I feel like this comic pretty much perfectly explains the situation:

    So what I'm thinking of doing is creating an animated video presenting facts and sensible assumptions in a logical, yet easy to understand way. I'd like the video to be a "*sigh* take a look at this" response to typical misinformed fanboy waffle. Would anybody be interested in helping out by giving some information on how:

    RAM is used for games
    RAM is used for CPU
    GDDR RAM is used for GPU
    GDDR RAM is used for games
    Difference between GDDR and System memory
    How games "load" information.
    Anything else relevant to the PS4 and comparing it to a modern PC

    I'm just looking for someone who has the technical knowledge about this that could lend some words that I can write a script out of. Would anybody be up for helping me out?


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    How can you get data for direct-to-metal console games?

    What you are collecting is data based on PC games which uses API and have a lot of system overhead. consoles don't have this problem. Thus the data you want to collect are actually not representative of consoles.
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      Well I'd still like the collect data for the first 6 points, and you can still present data on the 7th point even if it's just comparing to two, saying for example that yes, PC has overhead and it can't compete on a memory standpoint to a console that has a lot less bulk.


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        Sorry my eyes saw "GDDR5 RAM is the be-all-end-all" as GDDR5 RAM is the bell-end of gaming....sorry... mind you quite apt !
        posted by scrivz69
        I think I may leave this forum, it seems to be full of the village people.​
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