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  • 500 on upgrade

    My dad is giving me 500 to spend after my GCSE exams, and given the fact that my 560ti has coil whine that is getting worse...I figure I need a new GPU.

    Here is my dilema. My mobo is PCI 2 not PCI 3.

    Would it be wise to get a 680? Better options?

    Im buying in 3-4 months, so hopefully the price of such things will go down and I can squeeze in a 128gb M4 as well?

    So would a 680 be worth it? Alternatives?
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    PCI-E 3.0 only works with Ivy processors iirc.
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      Hopefully someone can confirm this but I don't believe that a 7970 would be bottlenecked through gaming by PCI-E 2.0 and the price drop today makes them better value than the 680's.

      Although if you are buying in a few months then the situation is going to be entirely different by then. The rest of the 6xx series will be out by then probably.


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        3-4 months is a long time for tech.


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          Best thing to do, is come back in 4months and ask the same question!

          By then we will have Ivy and hopefully the 670/660 etc.

          That way you could also get a better understanding, not to mention prices will be lower!
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