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  • New PC or New parts?

    I have a Gladiator system from 2014. It serves me well, but I'm thinking of upgrading or a new system. The CPU is a I5 -4670k with 8gb memory, the GPU is a GTX 750 ti and I have 2 SSDs in the machine. I'm thinking of puttng 2X8gb sticks in and a GTX 1660 super GPU, and that would last me a good few more years without doubt. Or should I should I buy a whole new system which would mean still and i5 but gen 9 or 10 which is out in a few weeks. Budget will be about 1000

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    I would up the Ram and add a better GPU, as long as the PSU can take it.
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      I can see peeking throught the sidepanle the PSU has 600m wrote on it. I remember it being expensive at the time. Invoice says: Corsair Builder Series CX600m
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        Should be okay for now.

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