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Tips for selling old PC

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  • Mr. Grapes
    almost certainly as a bundle/whole PC. The parts will get you almost nothing as they are but i7's of any age sell well (to FB market and gumtree etc) as entry level gaming or video editing PC (everyone's a youtuber now...) but make sure to:

    a) make sure it can play popular games like fortnite and at what res/framerate/detail level
    b) make sure it's CLEAN. blow out the dust, re-do thermal paste etc
    c) maybe add an SSD boot disk. a 120Gb PNY can be had for peanuts and will make it fly
    d) take some (lots!) really good pics of it, well lit, in focus and running
    e) add some RGB if necessary (yes, it may be unicorn vomit, but hey... it sells)

    there are a few examples of this on the youtube channel tech yes city where he flips dirty old PC's by just sprucing them up a bit.

    basically think of it like selling/buying a car. someone looks at your ad, do you want them to think "well the first thing I'm going to have to do is clean 7 years worth of grime out of it" or do you want them to think "that would look good next to my stylish desk"

    car example: My car got written off a while back and when the insurance company took the loan car back, I needed a replacement QUICKLY. I bought a car from a friend that was cheap and in alright condition if a bit old. He said it's been for sale for months and essentially couldn't get rid so he just wanted a token amount for it. I had it off him for peanuts and as soon as we had a warm day I figured out why. The car stank of dog. I'd noticed there was a bit of dog hair around up to then but not had a good look around the whole car. then I found the spot where the dog obviously slept when they went out. it was filthy and then I started find all the other bits of... er... "dirt" around the back seat. So I went and bought a few things of car interior cleaner and got scrubbing. the whole interior came right up and the outside wasn't too bad either except a couple of minor scrapes.

    I then had it for 6 months, gave it an MOT (sailed through) gave it a final clean before taking some good pics on a sunny day, listed it on gumtree and it sold in 2 weeks for 3x what I paid for it. basically the only thing stopping it from selling originally was it just needed a deep clean.

    as for the peripherals, that's up to you. keyboards and mice are such personal preference items, if you like the ones you have, keep them or sell them separately if you don't, and get a cheap desk set to go with the tower, but including a mechanical keyboard with it won't actually increase the final value of the PC.

    as for the price... that's going to depend on your area. look at gumtree and facebook marketplace and see how much people are asking for them in your area. I'd like to suggest 150 but that may not be either realistic for you or your location...

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  • monkey56657
    started a topic Tips for selling old PC

    Tips for selling old PC

    I'm building a new PC over Christmas so it's time to sell my old one.

    Here are the specs:
    i7 2600K
    16GB DDR3
    1TB HDD (2x500)
    GTX 670 4GB

    I also have:
    27" QHD AOC Q2770
    Filco Mechanical Keyboard
    Steelseries Raw Mouse

    What would be the best way to sell?
    As a bundle or just the tower?

    How much would you value them at?

    Thanks for the advice