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4 2tb Hdd or 2 4 tb Hdd for storage Raid

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  • 4 2tb Hdd or 2 4 tb Hdd for storage Raid

    Hi I am looking to invest in a raid solution, but I dont know which one is better a 4 x 2tb raid 10 or 2 x 4tb raid 1 please? Obviously 4 tb is going to cost a little more but not by much. Any advice is appreciated

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    I guess, firstly, what are your reasons for wanting to use a RAID setup?

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      look out for cheap 2TB sky boxes and use 4 drives from those
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        I'm guessing it's so that you don't lose anything given any failure??

        RAID 10 has slightly better performance than RAID 1, but is less recoverable if the controller fails, rather than a disk.

        RAID 1 is probably your best option, if any disk fails then just replace it, if the controller fails then both disks can be used standalone to recover data!

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          Best for what ?

          Performance, available space, future expansion, cost ? What are you priorities and why are you looking at RAID ?