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Possible to rent a remote machine with a decent connection?

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  • Possible to rent a remote machine with a decent connection?

    Bit of an odd question, and I'm sorry if it's in the wrong sub category, wasn't too sure where to post really.

    Basically, now and again I do some occasional work that involves a bit of Adobe work, and then a bunch of uploading + downloading to FTP. I've never had a problem with it in the past since I was on 80meg down and 16meg up on my internet connection, but unfortunately all good things come to an end and I've bought a new house and the broadband here is extremely outdated. 3-4 meg down and 0.2 up if i'm lucky. Peak times are dreadful and it makes this work significantly more long winded than it's worth.

    I was wondering if anyone know of a place, or site, or company that might rent out server machines or virtual machines or even full systems that are located elsewhere with a decent enough connection and capacity for me to just remote into the machine, do the work on there (i.e install adobe and an FTP client) and have everything based on that. I've had a little look around but I'm not sure what i've come across meets my needs, and I was wondering if anyone knows if it exists at all and how much it might be?

    Thanks guys.
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    there are plenty available, you're looking for a RDP connectable instance in the "cloud".

    It's called a number of things depending on the provider, for me with that combo I'd suggest looking at "desktop virtualisation" from Azure, a quick Google throws up many options, but this does appear at first glance to fit your needs:

    I'd be interested to see how you get on with it to be honest.

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      I've used these guys before for dedicated servers... assume their virtual offerings are pretty good but no direct experience on that side.
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        Thanks for the responses guys. I'll look into them. I've got to weigh up whether it's worth paying for a service in order to carry out work really. I'll keep you updated but it's perhaps not something I'm going to jump into immediately. These sort of things require thought. I'll do a bit more research, thank you .
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