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Intel E8600 overheating 50C (Speedfan)

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  • Intel E8600 overheating 50C (Speedfan)


    Recently upgraded the CPU on my ageing Abit 1P-35 Pro (Rev. 2.00/BIOS v1.8 Beta) to an Intel Core 2 Duo 8600 (also upgraded my Graphics card, doubled my RAM to 8GB and fitted a new 2TB HDD).
    Everything seemed fine, but the CPU now appears to be overheating - hence sometimes has problems booting up into Windows, and so on (ie, gives me POST error code 9.8: "de-assert ATX power supply"). Right now, Speedfan software tells me that my CPU temperatures are 45C and 50C - that is, creeping into the danger zone (yes?),

    However, I was warned by the computer shop that my motherboard is faulty. Or as the invoice/fault details says: "The fan for the heatsink is Intel but the heatsink was third party - the two are incompatible - new heatsink required. Customer would like Arctic 11 Pro installed .... CPU fan not spinning, CPU overheating. Connected heatsink fan to sysfan header - fan spins and the system boots. CPU fan header and the AUX fan headers are faulty, most likely on the same channel".

    Can I do anything about this using software like Speedfan - or Core Temp, Real Temp, HW Monitor, etc? Or is it just a question of biting the bullet and getting a new motherboard - ie, a completely new system, essentially, since I will have to get new RAM, CPU, etc. I've looked at Speedfan's settings, for example, but find it a bit baffling to be honest.

    Here are my full tech specs: Windows 10 Pro & Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) \ Intel Core2 Duo E8600 (3.4ghz) \ Abit IP-35 Pro (Rev. 2.00/BIOS v1.8 Beta) \ 8gb Corsair PC2-6400 800mhz XMS (4 X 2) \ PNY GTX 9700 XLR8 OC 4GB \ Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer \ Corsair HX 620w PSU \ Hitachi CCTV DVR 7200rpm 64MB 2TB \ Sharkoon T9 Value \ Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 Pro \ Samsung Writemaster SH-S223Q \ Acer 24" X243H \ TP-Link TD-W8968

    And advice would be appreciated,

    XP Home+Vista Ultimate (32-bit) \ Intel E6750 @ 3.47 \ Abit IP-35 Pro \ Antec 900 Ultimate Gamer \ Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro \ 4 X 1GB Corsair PC2-6400 XMS \ XFX 8800GTS 320mb @ 575-1352-902 \ Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB \ Plextor PX-740A \ Corsair CMPSUHX 620w PSU \ Speedtouch 510 v6

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    Can you open the computer case and take any photos of the inside?

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      go down to a single stick of ram, memtest it - then test each stick one at a time

      core2duos were good up to about 70, but a lot of recording temps can be out depending on the sensors

      the de-assert message is the bios shutting down normally to protect damage somewhere, so could be a fan header loose?
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        45nm chips suffer from their thermal sensors, in some cases, sticking at atificially high lowest settings.

        What temps are you getting when stressed?
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